An unpleasant awakening

Guglielmo awoke terribly exhausted. Nightmares had haunted him all night: death chased him and threatened to overtake him.

Looking  back, this week had been a total wreck, he never slept well. He was worried but had no valid reason for being so, somehow even the people in the streets seemed perturbed and tired.

Guglielmo decided to keep himself busy to stop dwelling on the situation and put his energy into rearranging his desk. After a quarter of an hour or so he unearthed  a scroll right under some old books.

“What is this? It seems to be a recipe for a potion, but what is it for? I think I am going to take this to a herbalist.”

After some time, Guglielmo had his first potion made. It was violet in colour and smelt of flowers and honey. He took a sip, it tasted awful, but bore no effects except for some light drowsiness… [to be continued]

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Hi, I am the technical leader of game Medieval Europe. I love cats, coding, crypto and Trance Music.

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