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Today’s interview will let you know a little about the player behind Cuhadar Cuthar, currently the Emperor of the Ottomans. He started the game as a citizen of the Byzantine Empire and became a leader of its Turkish minority. When the game map was extended and kingdoms in Asia Minor were added, most of them changed residence to Anatolia. The Ottomans were initially members of the Imperial Commonwealth and fought in the war for Byzantium and later together with most of the western kingdoms against Kiev. Recently Cuhadar chose the faith of the Middle East mystic church.

Hello Cuhadar,
Thank you for your time and for letting us know a little about you or your game character.

Let us start with some basics:
Is this your first account in ME?
Yes, this is my first and only account in ME.

Why are you playing ME? What does ME as a browsergame do especially good or attractive in your eyes?
Honestly, at this point I don’t know. I think it’s the time and effort (and maybe money?) I invested in this game. And there is a community mostly playing to support me on my endeavors here so I can’t let them down. As a game, the most captivating side of ME is the independence and the interactive world map, which we can change as we please (if we have the power). The independence part was rubbed in time, like resource collection limit and workshop limit, but it is still quite good.

What did impress you the most over the years you play ME now?
The time I spent here (4 years!) and how much I care about it. I was close to quitting when my closest friend Narsis Focas, the former leader of the Greek community and the Byzantine Empire left silently, but I couldn’t; and I am impressed how captivating the game is.

What was your initial goal when you started and how did you end up in your current position/ where do want to end?
My initial goal was to be a good officer of the Byzantine Empire. The first battles -fought with pickaxes and hatchets and no armor- were the best and I still remember them. Being the first Turkish player made me the defacto leader of Turkish community and I ended up as Emperor. I’d like to see the Ottoman community as self sufficient and have a strong succession so I can retire (or play) in peace.

With the last question, we started to focus more on your character, let’s stay with that for a moment.
What about your signature?

That’s a fracture of the official (and pompous) title the Ottoman Sultans used. The original is like this:
Sultan XXXXX Han, Osman’ın hanedanının hükümdarı, Sultanlar Sultanı, Hakanlar Hakanı, Alemlerin Rabbi’nin Peygamberi’nin Halefi ve Inançlı Savaşçısı, Mukaddes Şehirler Mekke, Medine ve Kudüs’ün Muhafızı, Üç Şehir İstanbul, Edirne ve Bursa’nın, ve Şam ile Kahire Şehirleri’nin, tüm Azerbaycan’ın, Mağrib’in, Barka’nın, Kayrevan’ın, Haleb’in, Arap Irakı’nın ve Acem’in, Basra’nın, Lahsa’nın, Dilen’in, Raka’nın, Musul’un, İran’ın, Diyarbakır’ın, Kilikya’nın, Erzurum, Sivas, Adana, Karaman, Van, Berberiye, Habeşistan, Tunus, Trablus, Şam, Kıbrıs, Rodos, Girit Vilayetleri’nin, Mora Vilayeti’nin, Marmara Denizi’nin, Karadeniz’in ve tüm sahillerinin, Anadolu, Rumeli, Bağdat, Kürdistan, Yunanistan, Türkistan, Tataristan, Çerkezistan’ın, Kabardey’in iki ülkesinin, Kıpçak düzlüklerinin, Tatarların bütün ülkesinin, Kefas’ın ve komşu diyarlarının, Bosna’nın ve tebalarının, Belgrad Kalesi’nin ve Şehri’nin, Sırbistan Vilayeti’nin tüm kaleleri hisarları ve şehirleriyle, Arnavutluk’un, ve Eflâk ile Boğdan’ın, ve öbür tebaların ve sınırlarının, ve daha pek çok öbür ülkelerin ve şehirlerin İmparator’u.

And in English:
Sultan XXXXX Khan, Sovereign of the House of Osman, Sultan of Sultans, Khan of Khans, Commander of the Faithful and Successor of the Prophet of the Lord of the Universe, Custodian of the Holy Cities of Mecca, Medina and Jerusalem, Emperor of The Three Cities of Constantinople, Adrianople and Bursa, and of the Cities of Damascus and Cairo, of all Azerbaijan, of the Maghreb, of Barka, of Kairuan, of Aleppo, of Arabic Iraq and of Ajim, of Basra, of El Hasa, of Dilen, of Raka, of Mosul, of Parthia, of Diyarbakır, of Cicilia, of the Vilayets of Erzurum, of Sivas, of Adana, of Karaman, Van, of Barbary, of Abyssinia, of Tunisia, of Tripoli, of Damascus, of Cyprus, of Rhodes, of Crete, of the Vilayet of the Morea, of the Marmara Sea, the Black Sea and also its coasts, of Anatolia, of Rumelia, Baghdad, Kurdistan, Greece, Turkistan, Tartary, Circassia, of the two regions of Kabarda, of Georgia, of the plain of Kypshak, of the whole country of the Tartars, of Kefa and of all the neighbouring countries, of Bosnia and its dependencies, of the City and Fort of Belgrade, of the Vilayet of Serbia, with all the castles, forts and cities, of all Albania, of all Iflak (Wallachia) and Bogdania (Moldovia), as well as all the dependencies and borders, and many other countries and cities. [/b]

Of course, I shortened it to fit the tiny lands of ME Ottomans :)

How would you describe the job description for your current role? (What does it mean to be king?)
It’s all work work work and very little fun. Though it’s good to be the decision-maker of the community.

What do you think you yourself do good or bad?
I’m a do-gooder I guess. Am I doing a good job as an Emperor? Most likely not. I am pretty lazy.

Do you have any regrets, things you would change if you could?
My friend Michael Isauricos was wronged by the community and was stripped off his all titles and roles. I backed him for a while, but the defeat was unavoidable. To save my very young nation, I asked him to stand down. That was painful and thats my only regret. I would avenge him if I could.

What would you like to see from other ME players?
To not quit! It makes me sad to see people I know gone in the Town Crier

Which three words would you choose to describe your kingdom?
Unfortunate, Untimely, Neglected (all my fault)

On what do you spend most of your gaming time?
Community work, like translations. Organizing workforce. And most exhausting: wars

If the game started fresh, what will you change about your character?
Probably nothing, maybe only character name. Though I wouldn’t start anew if all was reset.

What do you like and dislike about ME?
I like the sandbox type gameplay as I said before. Dislike, the interface. It’s a very tedious job to eat 15 pills or changing to armor set or producing something in the workshop. Too much clicks.

What’s with the male / female ratio here?
I think it’s ok as online games go.

Do you observe the political / economical / religious changes in ME?
If so, how do you keep track, where do you get your information from?
I follow the Town Hall, any posts on the blog or community-created newspapers (though they are rare. I don’t visit the forum much lately. And my human interaction in game is minimal.

Do you inform your citizens about events and decisions? (at all, before, after they are done?)
I used to, but not much lately. Only things that would effect their gameplay or would confuse them. My community doesn’t speak English mostly and usually is oblivious to any changes.

Follow up: Should more people be able to easily follow the developments?
Why not? Not only follow but be a part of it with suggestion system. Sadly, all are in English, and I have to translate them or just tell everyone to vote for this, click that (which I do not do)

And a few standard questions to end this smoothly:

your favorite book and movie?
Book: A Song of Ice and Fire series, Movie: The Immortals (1995) Bonus: TV series: Battlestar Galactica

3 things you would want to save if your place caught fire right now?
My hard drive, my Kindle, my ring

do you lock your door over night?
Haha, no.

do you prefer tea, beer or wine?
Tea :) I do exports for the biggest tea production company of the world.

Thanks. That’s all, folks.

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