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Medieval Europe - Role Play Game

Medieval Europe just Released Version for game: Medieval Europe – Server Classic. The Release adds some quick win changes to improve Economy.

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Versioning 1

Disclaimer 1

Market Changes 1

Disabling of inventory take and get permission for private Structures 1

Add Private Sales to Market 1

Clean Prison Changes 2

Fortune Wheel Changes 2

Other Changes 2

Fix exploit: Buy and Sell houses 2

Fix exploit: Mercenary 2

Fix: Breeding numbers 2

Fix exploit: multiclick on declare war 2


Version Author Date Notes
1.0 Mastro / Sunchaser 1-oct-2017
1.1 Sunchaser 25-10-2017
1.2 Sunchaser 14-11-2017 Added fixing of breeding numbers
1.3 Sunchaser 20-11-2017 Added war costs

Added fix exploit multiclick


Content of this document can change at Administration discretion before final release; All the parameters, formulas, crafting elements, functions are indicative and must be balanced. Therefore, everything can be changed (reduced, expanded, removed) at Administration discretion and without warning.

Market Changes

Disabling of inventory take and get permission for private Structures

In order to stop OTC items sales, the functionalities and grants Inventory Take and Inventory Deposit will be disabled for Private Structures.

Add Private Sales to Market

The functionality Private Sales will be added to Market Structure. The seller will have the option to compile a field Reserved for with a Character Name (example: John Doe).

If the Field is not empty, only John Doe will be able to purchase the item(s).

If John Doe dies, the item(s) will be purchasable buy anyone.

After 2 days, the item will be no more reserved for private sale and will be purchasable by all.

Clean Prison Changes

Clean Prison Changes won’t give anymore 1 bread.

Fortune Wheel Changes

Fortune Wheel will be removed because it was acting as a faucet for items.

Other Changes

Fix exploit: Buy and Sell houses

Some players (mainly Regents) can use the exploit to buy a Villa and sell a Villa to rest at maximum rest factor when they are not in the capital because they get back taxes from the royal palace.

Selling price of a house will increase directly with the days the house is kept, similar to shops.

Fix exploit: Mercenary

When the Regent will declare war, he will no more specify the number of total soldiers, this means there will be no more a CAP on the number of citizens or allies that can join a battle.

No mercenary can be used anymore until the Mercenary role is better analyzed and implemented.

Price for declaring wars has been set to 2.000 s.c. (fixed)

Fix: Breeding numbers

When a character buy bees he gets 2.000 bees. Now max capacity of bees are not multiples of 2000.

In order to simplify the process, max capacity of bees will be rounded up to multiple of 2.000

Same thing will be done for all breedings.


Currently a bee breeding max capacity is 7831. It is possible to purchase 3 breedings. After the change, the bee breeding max capacity will be 8.000 and it will be possibile to purchase 4 breedings.

Fix exploit: multiclick on declare war

Every time a Regent clicks the button declare Conquer Region/Raid Region, a cooldown from two to three minutes will be added before the Regent will be able to click it again.

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Hi, I am the technical leader of game Medieval Europe. I love cats, coding, crypto and Trance Music.

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  • When items have been on the market for a long time, should there be a feature to automatically discount the price until they sell e.g. 5% depreciation every 30 days.

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