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Medieval Europe just Released Version for game: Medieval Europe – Server Classic. The Release aims to resolve two problems: Bypass of two limit alliance and Restrain, Arrest and imprison abuse during wars.

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Content of this document can change at Administration discretion before final release; All the parameters, formulas, crafting elements, functions are indicative and must be balanced. Therefore everything can be changed (reduced, expanded, removed) at Administration discretion and without warning.


  • Resolving Problem: Limits of two alliances can be bypassed due to the current two-direction relation. This allows to create large alliances that can easily destroy new born kingdoms and thus unbalancing the game.
  • Resolving Problem: Restrain, Arrest and Imprison are abused in order to not allow enemy soldiers to join the battlefield.


Version Author Date Notes
1.0 Donut I 21st December 2017 First Draft
1.1 Donut I 3rd January 2018 Some Changes
1.2 Donut I 4th January 2018 War status proposal
1.3 Donut I 5th January 2018 Some Changes
1.4 Donut I 15th January 2018 Some Changes

Table of contents


Disclaimer 1

Objectives 1

Versioning 1

Table of contents 1

Reset of diplomacy relations 2

Definition of alliance 2

Setting a diplomacy relation 2

Declaring War 3

Costs of war 4

Launching attacks and joining battles 4

Launching an attack 5

Joining a Battlefield 5

Ending a war 5

Restrain, arrest and imprison, REVOLTS 5

Reset of diplomacy relations

When the Release is installed, all the diplomacy relations will be set to ‘Neutral’. They will be backdated 15 days so they can be changed straight away.

Definition of alliance

A set of Kingdoms that have Allied Relations among them.

  • Kingdom A, Kingdom B and Kingdom C are allied (Alliance A), means that all the diplomacy relations among them are Allied: A is allied with B, B is allied with C and C is allied with A.


A allied with B, A allied with C, B allied with D. There are 3 Alliances: Alliance 1 (A,B) and Alliance 2 (A,C), Alliance 3 (B,D)

  • If A declares war to D, B can attack D (must break alliance and declare hostile), C can attack D (need to declare hostile)
  • If B declares war (needs to break alliance first) to D, only A may help B.

Setting a diplomacy relation

Diplomacy relations will no more be bidirectional. For example, if a relation ALLIED is set between Kingdom A and B this will result in:

Kingdom A is ALLIED with Kingdom B and Kingdom B is ALLIED with Kingdom A.

To configure a new relation with Kingdom B, Regent A will need to click a button in the current page s before, but instead (if the relation is not Direct), a proposal will be sent to Regent B and this will be visible in Diplomacy Page (validity: 48 hours).

Regent B may ACCEPT or DECLINE the proposal.

If Regent A sends a ALLIED proposal to Regent B, Regent B accepts before the proposal is expired and the current max alliance limits are not hit, both relations between Kingdom A and Kingdom B will be set to ALLIED forming an Alliance.

Some transactions will need a confirmation while others not:

From/To Hostile Neutral Friendly Allied
Hostile Need confirmation Need confirmation Need confirmation
Neutral Direct Need confirmation Need confirmation
Friendly Direct Direct Need Confirmation
Allied Direct Direct Direct

It will not necessary that the recipient kingdom has a Regent to propose a new Diplomacy relationship (If there is no Regent, the proposal will expire).

Cooldown to change again the diplomacy status remains 15 days, except for Hostile. A new king will still be subjected to the cooldown.

Declaring War

A Regent of Kingdom A (allied with B,C), may declare war against a Kingdom D (allied with E,F).



Conditions are:

  • A must have required funds;
  • A and its allies (B,C) are not involved in a running war;
  • D and its allies (E,F) are not involved in a running war.

Declaring war is a unilateral act and does not need to be confirmed.

  • When a war is declared, A,B,C,D,E,F may launch attacks but only after 48h from war declaration
  • When a war is declared and until is finished, Kingdoms involved in war cannot get Allies.

Note: Getting allied after the war will in any case be useless as the new allied will not be able to participate in the war (the kingdoms are locked in when the war is declared).


A is allied with (B, C), D is allied with (E,F). A declares war to D.

  • A,B,C,D,E,F are involved in the war;
  • Diplomacy for A,B,C,D,E,F is locked until war finishes;
  • A,B,C,D,E,F may not get new ally during the war, while other diplomatic changes are allowed;
  • A,B,C,D,E,F may launch attacks after 48h from war declaration.

Example: During the war, B may exit from Alliance 1. This does not mean that B cannot be attacked, because is still involved in the war. At the same time, Alliance 1 may not get new Allies until the War is finished.

Costs of war

The cost for a Kingdom that declares a war is 3.000 silver coins just for declaration plus a cost of 10 s.c. * days from beginning of war.

However, all the alliance may launch attacks free of charge. The attacked alliance will pay 1.000 silver coins per attack.


Cost for a war of 5 days: 3000 + 10 + 20 + 30 + 40 = 3.100

Cost for a war of 15 days: 3000 + 10 + 20 + 30 + 40 + … = 4.200

Cost for a war of 30 days: 3000 + 10 + 20 + 30 + 40 = 7.650

Launching attacks and joining battles

Only the kingdoms involved in a war will be able to launch attacks against each other:

Launching an attack

A Kingdom can launch an attack towards another Kingdom if:

  1. They are involved in the same war;
  2. At least 5 days has passed from declaration of war;

Joining a Battlefield

A soldier can join a battlefield with Kingdom A against Kingdom B in ATTACK if:

  1. Is a citizen of A OR is a citizen of a Kingdom allied with A;
  2. His kingdom is Hostile towards B


If Kingdom A of Alliance1 (A,B,C) attacks Kingdom D of Alliance2 (D,E,F):

  • A can attack D
  • B, C can help A
  • E, F can help D
  • B can attack E
  • D can attack A
  • G,H,I cannot declare war or attack A,B,C,D,E,F.


Ending a war

Only Kingdom that launched the war may end the war by using the option in Royal Palace (tab Hostile Declarations). War may end also if there is no sufficient money in the royal palace when the system will apply war costs.

Any kingdoms involved in a war will not be able to declare a new one for two days.

Restrain, arrest and imprison, REVOLTS

  1. Kingdoms involved in a war cannot be revolted while the war is running.
  2. Citizens of Kingdoms involved in a war cannot restrain, arrest or imprison citizens of the Kingdoms involved in war.

Note: Restrain, Arrest and Imprison should be used only to punish crimes and not as a revenge against enemies.


#2018-9: It’s possible to attack a NPC with 0 energy, resulting in an very long fight

#2018-10: Wrong tax calculation on rest @ tavern

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