Medieval Europe Release 2.9.5 – Skills

Release 2.5.1 will introduce Skills in ME. A player will be able to build a specific path/profile for his character by choosing which skills invest his time and resources.

A character may have at max 3 skills, and cost of learning skills increases depending on how many skills the character has. Since every day skill proficiency is reduced, the player will need to choose which skills to learn and which one to use.

Players will be able to earn skills by studying c/o Academy or Training Grounds or by completing Quests. It is possible at any time, to remove a skill.

In order to make the studying skills possible, it has been necessary to rewrite structures engine: almost all the structures are now upgradable if configured by administration.

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Upgrading Academies/Training Grounds 2

Courses/Skills 3

Studying/Training 3

Studying 3

Studying for a skill 3

Using the Skill 3

Skill: Recuperate Iron 4

Action: Recuperate iron 5

Skill: Parry 5

Items Changed 5

Ink Bulb 5

New Items 5

New item: Writing Kit 5

New item: Hen Feather 5

New Item: Wooden Sword 5

Item: Wooden Dummy Rebalancing 5

Item: Paper Piece Rebalancing 6

Item: Holy Book Rebalancing 6

New Item: Furnace 6

Changes on existing items 6

Blades 6

Knife 6

Hoe 6

Pickaxe 6

NPCs Changes 7

New NPC: Hen 7

NPC Droppings 7

Farm Changes 7

Other 7

Fix structure selling prices 7

Upgrading Academies/Training Grounds

All Structure engine has been reengineered to make almost every structure upgradable if configured by Administration.

Training Grounds and Academies will be configured to be upgradable up to level 2. If an Academy/Training Ground is upgraded to level 2, the Academy Director/Drill Sargent will be able to install 1 (one) new course.

To upgrade an Academy/Training Ground to level 2, the following material and working hours are required:

Structure Level Wood Iron Stone Hours
Training Grounds 2 1300 1000 1300 1900
Academy 2 1100 900 1100 1300

The structure owner will be able to set an hourly salary for people that wants to help upgrading the structure. When the owner launches the upgrade, the required items will be removed from structure storage and a link ‘Build’ will appear in the structure popup.


Once a Kingdom upgrades an Academy/Training Ground, the Academy Director will be able to choose the Course to install from the following available courses:

Course Skill gained Skill
Academy Metallurgy I Recuperate Iron Recuperate Iron from used weapons
Training Grounds Fight techniques I Parry Enhance chance to parry a hit



Studying a course (for increasing an attribute or gaining skill), will consume support items (Paper Piece in Academies, Wood Dummies in Training Grounds), therefore fewer lesson hours will be available.

In order to study or learn a skill @Academy or Training ground, a character must be dressed in a proper way and hold a Writing Kit (Academy) or Wooden Sword (Training Grounds). Paper pieces are provided by Academies while Wooden Dummies are provided by Training Grounds.

1 hour of lesson will consume 1 Paper Piece (Academy) or 4% of a Wooden Dummy (Training Grounds). Cost for one hour of lesson is configurable by the Structure owner.

NOTE: The game will donate to the newborn that will start the Quest Training a Writing Kit and a Wooden Sword at 10% Condition.

Studying for a skill

A character may have (for now) up to 3 skills. The number of hours to learn a skill increases directly with the number of skill owned:

Owned Skills Needed Hours for next skill Days needed (9hrs x day) Months
0 270 30 1
1 300 33 1,1
2 510 57 1,9

Using the Skill

When the player earns the skills his proficiency will be set initially at 10%.

Whenever the player uses the skills, it will increase by a factor x that depends it the action related to skill was successful or not (If applicable). Skill proficiency decreases by a factor y every 24 hours.

Note: If the player is meditating (holiday mode), the skill won’t decrease.

Factor x and y depends on the skill.

Example 1

Every recuperate iron action will increase the skill proficiency by a factor 1.

Example 2

If a parry is successful, skill will be increased by 0.5.

Skill: Recuperate Iron

  • Proficiency Increase: 1
  • Proficiency Daily Decrease: 0.1

This skill permits to recuperate iron from items containing iron. In order to do that, the Player will need to have in the Blacksmith Storage:

  • a Furnace;
  • 5 Coal Pieces;
  • some items with condition < 100% and containing iron.

To recuperate iron, the character will need to click on the furnace and then click Recuperate Iron.

Once the action finishes, all the items in the shop inventory containing iron and with condition < 100 will be destroyed and he will find the corresponding iron pieces in the shop inventory accordingly to the following formula

Recuperated Iron = f( ironusedinitems, proficiency )


Iron Used 100
Proficiency 10.00% 20.00% 50.00% 70.00% 100.00%
Recuperated Iron 44 48 60 68 80


If a longsword (15 iron pieces) and a pickaxe (8 iron pieces) is put in the blacksmith inventory, and the skill proficiency is at 10%, after the action Recuperate Iron finishes the player will find in his inventory around 10 pieces of iron.

Action: Recuperate iron

  • Duration: 8 hours
  • Energy required: (20%)
  • Glut required: (20%)
  • Must Equip: Shovel
  • Required Items: 5 Coal Pieces, Furnace, items with iron
  • Consumption: Shovel (high), Furnace (0.25%), clothes (very high)

Skill: Parry

The Skill parry gives to the character an additional defense option in battle. The skill parry is activated only if the attacker uses a weapon and the defender holds a weapon or a shield.

If an enemy successfully rolls to hit and the defender has the parry skills, he will have the following chance to parry the hit:

Chance to parry = Skill proficiency * 50%

The chance to parry can then go from 0% to 50%.

If the player tries to parry the hit and fails, the proficiency will be increased by

Delta Proficiency: round(100-Skill proficiency)/130+0.2,2)

If the players tries to parry and succeeds, the skill proficiency won’t increase.

The skills will decrease daily by 0.3.

Items Changed

Ink Bulb

4 Glassbulb, 15 Mulberries, 2 Hours crafting.

New Items

Some new items will be added:

New item: Writing Kit

  • 1 Writing Kit: made by Herbalist with 1 Ink Bulb, 1 Hen Feather, crafting time 1 hour.

New item: Hen Feather

  • 3 Hen Feather: dropped randomly by NPC Hen

New Item: Wooden Sword

  • 1 Wooden Sword: made by Carpenter with 2 Wood pieces, crafting time about 4 hours.

Item: Wooden Dummy Rebalancing

  • A Wooden dummy will weight 20 Kg

Item: Paper Piece Rebalancing

  • 20 Paper Pieces will be produced instead of 27

Item: Holy Book Rebalancing

  • Needs 1 Writing Kit instead of an Ink Bulb

New Item: Furnace

  • Weight: 400Kg
  • Needed Items:

50 Bricks

10 Stone Pieces

20 Coal Pieces

20 Sand

  • Made by: Potter
  • Time: 18 hours

Changes on existing items


Knife_blade, Axe_blade and pickaxe_hardhead will be removed. Players holding these disappearing items will be compensated with the currently corresponding iron pieces:

  • Knife_blade: 4 Iron pieces
  • Hoe blade: 2 Iron pieces
  • Handaxe blade: 4 iron pieces
  • Pickaxe_Hardhead: 8 iron pieces.


To craft a Knife you will need 1 Wood Piece, 4 Iron Pieces.


To craft a Hoe you will need 3 Wood Pieces, 4 Iron Pieces.


To craft a Pickaxe you will need 2 Wood Pieces, 8 Iron Pieces.

NPCs Changes

New NPC: Hen


A chicken

A new NPC Hen will be introduced. He will eat sometimes food (seeds or bread) in the market, if hungry and drop some items when killed.

  • Strength: 2
  • Dexterity: 3
  • Intel: 3
  • Cost: 3
  • Charisma: 1
  • Health: 15
  • Respawn time: 18 hours
  • Rate: 10% of players
  • Max Numbers: 500
  • Drops: 3 Hen Feathers,1 piece meat

NPC Droppings

NPCs will drop items with the following percentage:

NPC Item %
Small Rat/Large Rat 5 silver coins 5%
1 Rat Tail 10%
1 doubloon 1%
1 Meat Piece 1%
Nothing 83%
Hen 3 Hen Feather 70%
1 Meat Piece 1%
Nothing 29%

Farm Changes

Meat production has been changed as follows:

Farm Meat produced ASIS Meat produced TOBE
Cows 0 6
Pigs 18 12


Fix structure selling prices

The selling price of a house will be set to 80% of the base price.


A hut has a base price of 360. The Regent sets a 10% VAT. The price to buy the house will be 396.

The sale price will be 80%*360 = 288.


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