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The Rat Hunt Event – Results

Medieval Europe Role Play Game

Dear Players, The Rat Hunt Event Final Results are out.

General Statistics:

2311 Small Rats Killed for an average of 22,22 Small Rats killed per player
3441 Large Rats Killed for an average of 33,09 Large Rats killed per player… Continue reading

Jdemolay Seasonal Server End Results

Jdemolay FInal map

Jdemolay FInal map

Jdemolay server closed at 10:00 AM Server Time, these are the final results.

Final Results

Kingdom that conquered most regions

1st place: Kingdom of Kiev

2nd place: Kingdom of Ungheria

3rd place: Kingdom of Serbia

Regions Conquered

Regions Conquered… Continue reading

Final Rush for Jdemolay Server

Medieval Europe - Role Play Game

Jdemolay Server will close on 7th June, 10:00 AM Server Time. You have only few days to try to change the Final Rankings!

Current Rankings

Kingdoms with more regions:

  1. Kiev (52)
  2. Ungheria (33)
  3. Normandia, Serbia (19)

Richest Char

  1. Christian… Continue reading

Event: The Great Hangover

Teomondo Scrofalo

“La vita è troppo breve per bere vini mediocri.” – Wolfgang Goethe

“I drink to make other people more interesting.” – Ernest Hemingway

Dynamo Productions presents the Event “The Great Hangover”, starting on Wednesday 5th at 09:00 Server Time… Continue reading

Release 2.8.7 Sprint 5

Medieval Europe - Role Play Game

Medieval Religion,Sprint 5 continues  introduces two additional dogma Bonuses and the Tutor Engine, that hopefully will help to increase the retention of newborns. For complete details on the Release click here.

Dogma Bonus: Craft Blessing

This… Continue reading

Plague Bulletin

Guglielmo received some detailed news from his informants and swiftly copied them down on a parchment. Because he was receiving desperate requests for frequent information about the Plague Infection as it was spreading again in all Europe, he… Continue reading