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Event: The Great Hangover

Teomondo Scrofalo

“La vita è troppo breve per bere vini mediocri.” – Wolfgang Goethe

“I drink to make other people more interesting.” – Ernest Hemingway

Dynamo Productions presents the Event “The Great Hangover”, starting on Wednesday 5th at 09:00 Server Time… Continue reading

Release 2.8.7 Sprint 5

Medieval Europe - Role Play Game

Medieval Religion,Sprint 5 continues  introduces two additional dogma Bonuses and the Tutor Engine, that hopefully will help to increase the retention of newborns. For complete details on the Release click here.

Dogma Bonus: Craft Blessing

This… Continue reading

Plague Bulletin

Guglielmo received some detailed news from his informants and swiftly copied them down on a parchment. Because he was receiving desperate requests for frequent information about the Plague Infection as it was spreading again in all Europe, he… Continue reading

An hidden message

Guglielmo was now very worried. No one contacted him yet, and he was every minute asking himself why the message of Nekro Phoro didn’t contain a help for the Hierophant (Pope) Tarot. He looked again at the message, this… Continue reading

L’ Araldica Medievale – Parte III

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Poiché la forma e la costruzione dello scudo ebbe un ruolo importante nello sviluppo dei disegni araldici, è opportuno considerare i vari tipi di scudi usati in Europa durante il periodo 1150-1550. La tipica forma a “mandorla”, con la parte… Continue reading