A bad omen

Crash! The heavy leather shoe missed for a fraction of a second the rat, and hit and broke to pieces the precious mirror that had been bought from Venice.

“Damned rat! This mirror was given to me by Genevieve and she will certainly be furious as soon as she discovers what has happened to it.”

Gugliemo touched the same arm which the wretched rat had bitten the month before: it was a bit bloated with some bluish marks. It suddenly dawned him that he actually started feeling unwell ever since the attack: in the past month he had consulted the best priests and mystics of major European cities however no one could figure out the real cause of his ailment.

The nightmares he had experienced just a few days before and now the broken mirror, could signify a bad omen.

Guglielmo laid down exhausted, anxiously pondering whether the disease was infectious or not,  and  whether or not he did the right thing to travel in that condition.

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Hi, I am the technical leader of game Medieval Europe. I love cats, coding, crypto and Trance Music.

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