Nunzio Borgia Medieval Tournament – November 1315

Medieval Tournament

Dear Sirs, on 15th November, you are invited alongside your Champions to participate in a Great Medieval Tournament in honour of the Ancient City of Milan.

There will be a tournament open to all champions of your Kingdom, to have the opportunity to achieve HONOUR, COURAGE, and STRENGTH that will distinguish your Kingdoms.

The Winner will bring home, Honour, Fame, and will also be awarded with a generous prize for himself and his Kingdom!

A period of Peace is declared from the 7th November and up until 3 days after the Tournament ends.

The Tournament

The Regents of each Kingdom may participate in this tournament by choosing their champion (max 1) and sending 500 pieces of silver and a scroll with the contestant’s details addressed to Guglielmo di Valenza.

The Tournament will only take place if the registered number of contestants exceeds the minimum required number of participants (not less than 24 players). Entries must be sent by not later than 10th November.

Choice of duellists

The Chancellor of the Kingdom who will host the tournament will choose the duels between each contestant. All the relevant information and updates will be made public.

The Chancellor maintains the right to choose the method he feels best to select the pairs of duellists who will compete against each other, even if this might be a dishonest or unfair choice.

In the case of an odd number of participants in the first round, the character will not be paired and will compete in the second round.

In the case of an odd number of participants in later rounds, a challenger will be rescued from those who lost a duel in a previous round.

The character that wins the duel will automatically pass onto the next round. The duels must be take place within a maximum of five days from the last draw.

Allowed Equipment

Each duellist may choose to equip himself/herself with only armors/weapons found on the following list, if not, he/she will be disqualified:


  • (fists)
  • Knife
  • Mace
  • Fauchard


  • Leather Armor
  • Chainmail
  • Strong Leather Trousers
  • Leather Boots
  • Iron Helmet Mod 1
  • Wooden Shield


  • All duels must be take place in the Kingdom that is hosting the Tournament.  Kingdoms are obliged to provide equipment to their Champion.
  • Potions may be used.
  • Throughout the duration of the tournament the Public Profiles of the participating characters will not show any information pertaining to the kind of equipment they are providing themselves with.


1st Classified

  • 20% of the total of the Tournament’s subscription fee
  • “Punisher” Full armor (Helmet, Body, Legs, Feet, Shield)
  • “The Punisher” Long Sword
  • Badge – 1st Classified
  • 50 Game Points
  • 5 Honor Points

2nd Classified

  • 15% of the total of the Tournament’s subscription fee
  • “Punisher” Full armor (Helmet, Body, Legs, Feet, Shield)
  • Badge 2nd Classified
  • 30 Game Points
  • 3 Honor Points

3rd Classified

  • 10% of the total of the Tournament’s subscription fee
  • “Punisher” Shield
  • Badge 3rd Classified
  • 10 Game Points
  • 1 Honor Point

The Winner Kingdom

  • Badge Tournament Winner
  • Will host the next Tournament (At least 4 months later)

Organizer Kingdom

35% of the total of the Tournament’s subscription fee


The Punisher Set

Punisher Set

This ancient Weapon has been found on a stone with this inscription on it:

“The weak will always be led by the strong. Where the strong see purpose and act, the weak follow; where the strong cry out against fate, the weak bow their heads and succumb. There are many who are weak; and many are their temptations.”

The Punisher Set is the prize for the best warrior in Europe. It wears off much less than a normal set and offers a very good protection.




“The Punisher” Long Sword

Min Damage: 7
Max Damage: 15
Blunt Damage: 20
Cut Damage: 80
Reach: 4
Armor Penetration: 80
Critical: 17-4

“The Punisher” Armor Set

Helmet Defense: 5
Armor Defense: 10
Legs Defense: 5
Feet Defense: 5
Shield Defense: 8

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