Tutorial Completion Statistics, November 2015

Today I run some queries on the tutorial quests data to find out how many players were starting the tutorial and at which quests they were dropping out:

Tutorial Statistics, November 2015


It seems that the culprit is the first one, The Prison Clean Quest. Almost 62% of players that starts the tutorial doesn’t finish this quest, and 93,12% drops out on the first and second step.

We can notice that the Crafting Quest seems a discrete killer too, only the 86% of players complete it. Maybe it should be simplified, keeping the bread crafting only and removing the cheese 4x crafting.

We know that Cleaning the Prisons it’s an easy income for newborns, but cleaning them for 1,5 to 2 hours and recleaning them 3 times is too much and can get very boring.

Maybe there are other reason for quitting, but I decided to reduce the steps of the Clean Prison Quest to three; maybe this will make more players continue the tutorial, we will see in the next months.

Changing the logic of a quest in Medieval Europe is not complicated, the tricky thing was understand how to migrate the players that are currently doing the quest that needs to be changed. I decided to cut corners and complete the quest for them granting them the prize and advancing them to the next one.

The Tutorial is very important because it gives a first impression of the game to the new player. The quests in my opinion should be simplier and more exciting.

Do any of you have suggestions on how to enhance them? Ideas for exciting or fun quest?



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6 Responses to Tutorial Completion Statistics, November 2015

  • The first step of the Tutorial to clean the Prison schould only take 2-4 minutes. Most people don’t want to play a game, where they can only make one click after registration and then wait 3 hours. The first few steps should be finished really fast.

  • I just found this entry while looking for where you wrote about there being surplus goods. That appears in your next entry.
    As to enhancing the tutorial, I was thrilled when I finally owned my first shop. Please let that thrill appear in the tutorial in a step like this: Shop ownership – Choose a shop. You will own it long enough to create one item. You will receive items usually used by that shop owner and make an item from them. You keep all those items and the item or items you make.

    Here is what happens:
    The player chooses a shop.
    The tutorial sells him that shop temporarily for 0 coins.
    The tutorial gives him items usually used by that shop owner. He keeps those items after this tutorial step is finished.
    He creates one item in the shop using the items he was given.
    The tutorial has him sell the shop for 0 coins.

    For example, if he chooses an inn, he is sold an inn for 0 coins.
    The tutorial gives him two bread loafs, two pieces of wood, two salts, two potteries, two pieces of meat, and two fish.
    He makes fish soup or meat soup.
    The tutorial sells his inn for 0 coins.
    He keeps the rest of the items, and the two soups.

  • @user the tutorial should give also an insight of how the game is. I agree that the tutorial first step should bring more fun and we will look into it but ME actions last long time and the game has been designed for casual gamers.

    It is possible though that a new server with faster speed will be opened.

  • @Jordan thank you for the feedback but this is already done in the crafting quest. I think the tutorial quests should be simplified and kept short.

  • http://wiki.medieval-europe.eu/index.php?title=Tutorial shows they craft food. I want them to choose any shop for the crafting step. It gives them something to talk about to other new players – which shop they chose in the tutorial and what they saw in it. Plus the items they got from that step give them something unique to talk about with other players.
    Of course, the Game would immediately change the Deed the tutorial player gets with his shop into a special Tutorial Deed. A Tutorial Deed cannot be sold to another player. This stops the tutorial player from selling his shop rather than making an item to finish this crafting step in the tutorial.

  • Yes, please change cheese to bread. Even better, change medical herb to wheat. That would allow them to use previously acquired items to craft rather than provided to them where they have no idea where to restock if they mess up by canceling their action.

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