The Lost Tarots

Medieval Tarots

Guglielmo swore as he had never done before. He had spent the whole day looking for the missing tarot cards that were part of a collection that he had received as a gift long, long, ago from a Nobleman in Naples.

These tarot Cards, hand-painted by a local artist turned out to be very valuable and Guglielmo kept wondering where they could have ended. While rummaging for the umpteenth time, amongst the many odds and ends, he found a scroll bearing the following wording:

“Dear Guglielmo,

I received numerous disrespectful and threatening messages after I had sent the coffins as you had ordered me to do so. This has caused me great discomfort and to make up for what I had been through I would like to inform you that I stole your precious Tarot Cards. I attached them onto a scroll and gave orders to have them thrown in the landfills across Europe.

…. AHAHAHAHAHAH … Poor Guglielmo, bear in mind that you are going to die eventually!

Necro Phoro”

Guglielmo propped himself against the table to stop himself from fainting. He regained his composure after half an hour, and immediately decided to find which tarots had gone missing and how to locate them.

After some search he found out that were missing:

  • 20 Tarots “The Fool”
  • 10 Tarots “The Emperor”
  • 5 Tarots “The Pope”
  • 3 Tarots “The Devil”
  • A Tarot “The Death”

He wrote without delay on various scrolls, to be distributed throughout the European Continent, the following:

Dear Citizens of the European Continent,

My name is Guglielmo Di Valenza and I have been a victim of a horrid joke. A troubled person going by the name of Necro Phoro has scattered my most precious tarots in landfills across Europe. I beseech you to help me find them.

If you manage to find them please write a letter to me. You will be rewarded handsomely when these tarots have been returned back to me before 09-03-1316.

I would also like to bring to your attention that I am highly superstitious and will only accept certain tarot cards combinations, so to be rewarded you must have these combinations only:

For “The Fool” + “The Emperor” + “The Pope” I will reward you with:
* 1000 Doubloons
* Badge “Dump Scavenger 1316, Third Place”

For “The Fool” + “The Emperor” + “The Pope” + “The Devil” I will reward you with:
* 2000 Doubloons
* Badge “Dump Scavenger 1316, Runner-up”

For “The Fool” + “The Emperor” + “The Pope” + “The Devil” + “Death” I will reward you with:
* 5000 Doubloons
* Badge “Dump Scavenger 1316, First Place”
* Trophy “Dump Scavenger 1316”

Note: The Trophy “Dump Scavenger 1316” if placed in a Castle, will top up (recharge up to 100%) the correspondent region resource. The item can be raided.


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