The 1316 Winter Bloodshed


Guglielmo – after returning back from his usual visit to the tavern – was incredibly perturbed with the disturbing news he had heard from a traveler who came from afar: the Native rebels had suffered a devastating defeat in Chadax, and the few survivors left were scattered in the regions and surrounding valleys.

While they were recovering their health, they found out that the weapons and armors that had been provided to them had been of poor quality and also defective, the reason why they had suffered such a catastrophic defeat.

This event instigated the Continent’s people desire for revenge: the Natives were tired of living in these abandoned lands, without food and living in such dire conditions. Wary glances, unclear messages, secret symbols began to appear and spread amongst the Continental lands, fueling discontent and increasing the desire for liberation.

Several rebel groups were forming, aided by an unknown person dressed in black; they were secretly being trained in unknown and remote locations in the kingdoms. The few survivors left realised that they now required a new strategy, one that would lead them regain possession for good of their native lands.

The horns of war echoed in the distance, not far away from the last battlefields, foreshadowing another bloodbath.

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