Nekro Revenge

Plague in Rome. Italy

Plague in Rome. Italy

Twas late in the night when a shady messenger entered the palace of Lord Nekro Phoro and handed him a piece of parchment.  Written on this parchment were tidings that the tarot cards he had scattered in the four corners of the Known World had been found. The ‘common’ folk had meddled in his plans, and had aided the ingrate Guglielmo.

This offense could not be tolerated, the ire of Nekro Phoro had reached it’s limit, he was determined to punish all those who had been faithful to Guglielmo by making them sink and be swallowed by the abyss of darkness where they would have cried and suffered immensely.

He summoned three of his most faithful servants and made them drink a potion that he had concocted containing a disease and he ordered them to travel around the globe to spread this disease and infect as many people as possible.

Yes“,  Nekro Phoro thought, ” I will bring about the worst epidemic in history, as a punishment for the grievance brought about by these citizens of the world, this way, they will have to use the coffins, earlier than envisioned.”


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