Release 2.8.7, Sprint 2

Medieval Europe Role Play Game

This is the second iteration for the Major Release 2.8.7, Religion Phase III. Requirements to equip certain clothes and items are introduced for Religious Roles. Some new items are added.

Religious Roles Clothes and Tools Requirement

Every Religious Role will need to equip and hold specific clothes and tools in order to perform Religious duties in his structure. The used clothes and tools will be consumed accordingly to these rates.

Fix of some Role Play Titles

Diacono title has been removed because it’s already a Religious Role. The  Acolyte title won’t be given anymore by a Level 3 but will be given by a Level 4 Religious Role (max 1 title). Also, a level 3 Role will be able to give the Monk title (max 3 titles).

Removal of Anatema function

The Admonishment/Anatema function has been removed because it was never used.

New Item Ink Bulb

A new item, the Ink Bulb  has been introduced. The Ink Bulb is needed to write a Holy Book and is produced by the Herbalist.

New Item Holy Book

A new item, the Holy Book  has been introduced. The Holy Book must be held needed by a Religious Level 4 Role in order to to execute functions in the correspondent structure.

New Item Mystic Axe (Mystic Church)

A new item, the Mystic Axe (Mystic Church) has been introduced. The Mystic Axe must be held needed by a Religious Level 1,2,3 Role in order to execute functions in the correspondent structure.




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