Medieval Europe Game Release 2.8.9

Medieval Europe - Role Play Game

Dynamo Productions just Released Version 2.8.9 for game: Medieval Europe – Server Classic.

Game Play Simplifications

This release see some simplifications in the game play: some remaining actions have been aligned to the new check and consume engine, it is now required to be dressed and to equip a certain tool in order to complete this actions and the correct tool will be equipped automatically.

The Quest Resources from Afar, designed by Sofie Falkenburg has been reduced to two steps, collecting wood and selling wood, and a link to the wonderful map maintained by Valkon Gorthauer has been added.


A first NPC, small rat, has been introduced. NPC are like normal characters, they have an Artificial Intelligence engine but they have access only to a subset of actions. Their behavior is not publicly disclosed, and player will need to know how they behave from experience.

Facebook Invite friends

Players can send an invitation to their friends to play Medieval Europe, they will be linked as referrals. As per the new Referral System the Referrer will get 5% of doubloons purchased by his referrals.



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