Medieval Europe Classic: Game Release 2.9.0

Medieval Europe - Role Play Game

Dynamo Productions just Released Version 2.9.0 for game: Medieval Europe – Server Classic.

Stream: Game Play

NPC Small Rat, Phase 2

The Small Rat, if killed will drop with a certain percentage random items as follows:

Item Percentage
5 silver coins 10%
1 rat tail 20%
1 doubloons 5%
1 piece of meat 15%
Nothing 50%

The rat when eating will receive 3x glut from the eaten food.

The Violet Potion, that cures the plague, will need a rat tail in order to be crafted. The rat byte has a very small chance to inject the plague disease.

Violet Potion

The Crafting of The Violet Potion will change as follows:

Old Violet Potion Crafting

  • 1 medmushroom
  • 2 flowers
  • 1 mandragora
  • 1 glassbulb
  • 1 honey

New Violet Potion Crafting:

  • 1 medmushroom
  • 2 flowers
  • 1 mandragora
  • 1 glassbulb
  • 1 honey
  • 1 rat tail

2 Violet Potions will be produced instead of 5.

Regional View Enhancement

The Regional view will be changed as follow:

  • Characters in regions will be visible, colored in green if online;
  • Clicking on a character will popup an interactive popup for fast-action;
  • Items in region will be visible;
  • Clicking on a item will popup an interactive popup for fast-action;

2.9.0 Screen 1

The items can be taken by players from the ground.

The Region Resident Char Page has been deleted, and the Kingdom Resident page has been changed as follow:

  • Pagination has been introduced
  • By clicking on a row, an interactive tooltip will appear.

2.9.0 - Screen 2

Stream: War Changes

Revolt changes

In order to encourage inactive Regents replacement, the following changes will be applied:

  • It will be possible to declare revolt at the age of 30 days.
  • It will be possible to participate in a revolt as attacker after 30 days of citizenship
  • It will be possible to participate in a revolt as defender after 30 days of citizenship
  • The Battlefield will be destroyed after 18 hours since the battle
  • Only one cooldown will remain: It won’t be possible to declare another revolt until 7 days are passed from the last one

Fight Age

A player will be able to fight already at the age of 7 days.

Native revolts

Today everyone can defend a region attacked by natives. Only allied, citizens or mercenaries will be able to defend in a Native attack.

Stream: Game Simplification

Referral System

The Referral links has been fixed in the Character Referral Page. The correct referral link is: index.php/?referreruser=<youruserid>

The referred players can also specify your user in the new field when he signs up.

2.9.0 Screen 3

Tutorial: Quest Forum

The Quest Forum will be removed because lof of player finds very difficult to create an account in forum and getting a token. This brings frustration and makes some players quit.

The Prison Core Loop will be the final quest. Finishing the tutorial will give 100 s.c. plus the badge and it won’t give anymore the free premium packages.

Canceling Travel

Move and Sail action behaviour will be aligned. It will be possible to cancel both actions before 10 minutes has been passed from the start of travel.

Send items

It will be possible to send items also to characters that are traveling. The time and cost of sending will be computed on the target destination.

The limit of 30 days of age to send coins will be removed.

Change on Recovering

While recovering, the player won’t be redirected anymore to the Recovery Page, and he will be able to browse the game.

As now, it won’t be possible to do other actions because of the blocking Recover Action.

Own Properties Sorting

The Structures owned by the player will be shown in the following sort order:

  1. Houses
  2. Shops
  3. Breedings
  4. Terrains

And then for purchase date (ascending order).

Stream: Paid Bonuses

Potions of Cure Disease

The potion of Cure Disease will also cure health to 100%. The Potion of cure Health price will be reduced to 70 doubloons.

Bonus Automated Rest

A new cut, 6 months for 500 doubloons, will be added.

Stream: Multi Account

Proxy/VPN Check

A Proxy detection system, based on an external system has been introduced. If an account is found to use a proxy, or vpn, he will receive a event with a warning.

Our system detected that you are connecting from a VPN or Proxy (IP: x.x.x.x). Consider this event as a warning and please don’t use anymore proxies. If you will use again proxy your account will be suspended in 5 days. If you think there is an error or you have a valid reason to use a Proxy, please contact support immediately.

After 5 days from the warning, if the account uses a proxy, even if it is a different IP address, the account will be suspended.

Bug Fixing

Fix: After sowing a field, the event is not recorded in the event history.

Add an event that describe the end of sowing a field.

Fix: Cannot check anymore if there is something in the dump

There should be an indication of the capacity of dump.

Fix: Joining a battle after citizenship change

Currently, a player that never changed citizenship can change citizenship to the Attacking (or Defending) Kingdom and fight straight away without waiting for the change citizenship cooldown.

This behavior will be fixed.


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