Jdemolay Server, Rankings – March 10

Medieval Europe - Role Play Game


Dear Players, these are the Temporary Rankings on 10th March 2017. We remind you that there is still time to change the outcome of the server until 7th June 2017 @ 10:00 Server Time.

1st classified (number of conquered regions)

Kingdom of Kiev with 30 regions

Prize: Badge, Replace Resource, 15 Black Armor Set

2nd classified (number of conquered regions)

Kingdom of Uncgheria with 28 regions

Prize: Badge, 7 Black Armor Set

3rd classified (number of conquered regions)

Kingdom of Bulgaria with 22 regions

Prize: Badge, 3 Black Armor Set

1st classified (Game Score)

Dangereuse De L’isle Bou (415 P)

Prize: Badge, 10.000 Doubloons, Unique French Set + Durlindana

2nd Classified (Game Score)

Svatomir Brodnik (415 P)

Prize: Badge, 5.000 Doubloons,French Set (Shield + Durlindana)

3nd Classified (Game Score)

Foma Bodin (390 P)

Prize: Badge, 2.000 Doubloons, French Set (Durlindana)

1st Classified (Rank: Fighting)

Kent Spaggiari

Prize: Badge, 2.000 Doubloons, Unique Set “The Mountain” + Warhammer “Lock Jaw”

1st Classified (Silver Coins)

Elizara Gray

Prize: Badge, 2.000 Doubloons, 25% Of Silver coins detained on Jdemolay

Black Armor Preview

Preview of Black Armor

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Hi, I am the technical leader of game Medieval Europe. I love cats, coding, crypto and Trance Music.

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