Medieval Europe Classic: Release 2.9.1 – Norse Religion

John Bauer-Freja

Freja of the Vanir

Dynamo Productions just Released Version 2.9.1 for game: Medieval Europe – Server Classic.

Norse Religion

The Norse Religion has been introduced. The Head Quarter is located in NARKE and the Sacred Texts are available here, Leader is: James Broden.

Some history about Norse religion can be found here.


Norse Religion Symbol

Norse Religion Symbol

Norse Religion - Mjolnir

Sacred Relic – Mjolnir






Norse Religion - Godord


Norse Religion - Hof


Norse Religion - Horgr


Norse Religion - Vè






Norse Religion - Thul Tunic

Thul Tunic

Norse Religion - GothiTunic

Gothi Tunic

Norse Religion - Thul Tunic


Norse Religion - Vifill Tunic

Vifill Tunic

Norse Religion - Hat


Norse - Golden Circle

Golden Circle






Release Notes: Click here.

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