Medieval Europe Classic – Release 2.9.2 – Merge Regions Step 1

Medieval Europe - Role Play Game

Dynamo Productions just Released Version 2.9.2 for game: Medieval Europe – Server Classic.

Merge Regions – Step 1

A project has been started to reduce Medieval Europe Regions from 527 to 254. We think that with few regions and resources, activity will increase and hopefully Retnton. In any case the map was too large for the current number of players.

In this phase the first batch 2 regions will be merged in one, for every kingdom. A kingdom that has <= 2 regions will not be merged.

From today until 10th May, Kingdoms may plan conquers of other regions in order to optimize their assets. Regents are requested to plan the merge by carefully planning what regions should be merged and which resources to save and present a list by the 10th of May.

This is the Schedule of Merge:

Merge Region Planning

Merge Region Planning


More details can be found in the Release Notes.

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