Medieval Europe: Region Reduction Phase 1, completed

Medieval Europe Map After Merge 1

Medieval Europe Map After Merge 1

Dear Players, some days ago we completed the 1st Phase of the Region Reduction Project, limiting the merge to two regions.

Until 10th May you can plan actions in order to optimize the second and final merge. You can conquer regions or negotiate with other kingdoms the ownership of regions in order to maximize the number of regions that will remain or to save resources.

The final target for your Kingdom will be computed on 10th may with the following formula:

Target Regions = max(2, floor( (ownedregions_on_10_may – monoregion_islands) / 2 ) + 1 )

Note: You will be able to merge only adjacent regions, so if you need to conquer regions, conquer regions that are not isolated!

Example 1:
Kingdom A on 10th May has 7 adjacent regions plus 1 monoregion island and other 2 isolated regions. Its target is max(2,floor(((10-1)/2)+1)) = 5.
However, due to the 2 isolated regions and the island, he will need to merge the 7 adjacent regions in 2 regions.

Example 2:
Kingdom A on 10th May has 7 adjacent regions, conquers 1 new region (adjacent) and lose 1 region (adjacent)
New target is max(2,floor(((7/2)+1)) = 4.

The Complete document describing the Merge can be found here.

Join our Telegram Community here if you have any question on the Merge or the game.

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