Medieval Europe Release 2.9.3 – New Mission Engine

Medieval Europe - Role Play Game

Dynamo Productions just Released Version 2.9.3 for game: Medieval Europe – Server Classic. The Release introduces a new, more flexible Mission Engine,  and simplifies the Tutorial Missions Path.

Newborn welcome and Tutorial

After character creation, the player will be redirected to the Region View. In this region there will be a Billboard Structure with a flashing sign. By clicking this structure, the player will be redirected to the Mission page where he will be able to see Available Mission, their status etc.


The Billboard Structure

Tutorial Mission texts has been shortened and made simpler, with lesser steps.

Missions now can be done even by not following a specific order, unless there is a specific constraint, this will permit to introduce new exciting and difficult missions.

AEE (Automatic Equipment Engine)

An Automatic Equipment Engine has been introduced. This Engine will equip the mandatory tool and clothes that the action requires, choosing the ones that have lowest condition.


When digging iron, the engine will automatically equip a pickaxe and cover body or (torso and legs) with clothes. If the engine won’t find the correct objects it will show an error similar to the following: You need to equip the following object: Torso: Any item, Legs: Any item.

Complete Release Document: click.

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