Jdemolay Seasonal Server End Results

Jdemolay FInal map

Jdemolay FInal map

Jdemolay server closed at 10:00 AM Server Time, these are the final results.

Final Results

Kingdom that conquered most regions

1st place: Kingdom of Kiev

2nd place: Kingdom of Ungheria

3rd place: Kingdom of Serbia

Regions Conquered

Regions Conquered










Players with higher score

1st place: Andrea Dandolo

2nd place: Giuliano Fieramosca

3rd place: Kent Spaggiari

Higher Score Rankings

Higher Score Rankings

Player with Highest Fighting Score

1st place: Kent Spaggiari

Fighter Rankings

Fighter Rankings

Richest Player 

1st place: Evpatiy Kolovrat

Richest Rankings

Richest Rankings

Prize Delivery

Prizes will be delivered in release 2.9.4 – Regions Reduction (we need to configure armors, weapons and badge). The winner should open a ticket support by 15th June 2017 to confirm to which Kingdom or Characters  the price should be delivered.

We would like to thank all the players that participated to the 1st launch of a seasonal server. If you would like to give your feedback and improvement suggestions you can complete this form.

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