Medieval Europe Release 2.9.4 – Region Reduction

Medieval Europe Role Play Game

Dynamo Productions just Released Version 2.9.4 for game: Medieval Europe – Server Classic. The Release reduces the Europe regions from 527 to 254. 

Dear players, this release has been very complex to organize and develop and we hope that by reducing regions the player activity will raise and we will able to keep more players in the game.

We would like to thank the community for their help in organizing such a complex migration!

If you encounter any problem, please open a ticket to support.

The main changes introduced by this release are:

  • Region reduced from 574 to 254;
  • Travel times have been doubled, travel time between regions has been set to 2 hours, regardless of region geography;
  • Capacity of capitals has been reduced to 50 citizens;
  • In order to attack a capital you will need to reduce Kingdoms Regions to three;
  • In the map it is possible to view the resources of the regions

Complete Release Notes can be seen here.

Next Steps

We will launch soon a survey with the community to understand what would be the optimal road map for H2 2017, stay tuned!









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