Medieval Europe Release – New Suggestion Process

Release – New suggestion process replaces current suggestion process (that is not working) with a new one, letting players add suggestions that community can vote. Highest ranked suggestions will be evaluated by administration. If suggestion is accepted by administration it will be quoted and once sponsored will be implemented.

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Table of contents

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Opening a Suggestion 2

Quoting a suggestion 2

Opening a Suggestion

Every player will be able to open a suggestion in game if is no more a newbie (age > 90 days). A player may have max 1 suggestions in status new or funding. The link to open a suggestion can be found in the horizontal menu in Town Crier Section.


The Suggestion entry must contain the link to the forum topic where the suggestion can be discussed. The player who opens the suggestion must open a topic in the forum and compile the related field with the URL.

When a player adds a suggestion, the suggestion is in status new and can be voted by community. Any player with game age > 30 days will be able to rate the suggestion from 1 to 5.

A suggestion can be edited by the owner before 24 hours has passed from the opening.

Administration will periodically consult the suggestion list and will see what suggestions community like more. The suggestions will be ordered using the Baesian Rating:

br = ( (avg_num_votes * avg_rating) + (this_num_votes * this_rating) ) / (avg_num_votes + this_num_votes)


  • avg_num_votes: The average number of votes of all items that have num_votes>0
  • avg_rating: The average rating of each item (again, of those that have num_votes>0)
  • this_num_votes: number of votes for this item
  • this_rating: the rating of this item

Note: Administration has not obligation to implement or quote suggestions. This feature is useful because will allow Administration to see – in a structured way – what the community is interested in.

Administration – at its sole discretion – may decide to analyze the suggestions and:

  • quote it for sponsorship. In this case the suggestion will change to status fundable
  • remove (reject) the suggestion without specifying the reason

Quoting a suggestion

Administration will analyze and publish an analysis and quote a cost in doubloons. Quotes are given by an external developer whose hourly rate is 20$.

When the suggestions will be fully sponsored it will take the status sponsorised, and it will be scheduled for developing by administration.


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