Medieval Europe Release – War Engine Fixes

Medieval Europe - Role Play Game


Apply some corrections due to problems reported by community

Table of contents

R01: war costs 2

R02: war declaration checks 3


R04: war declaration and hostile status 5

R05: battlefield proxy 6

R06: Joining Factions and Hostile status 7

R01: war costs


It is possible to keep a war ongoing thus protecting own kingdom and the allies from attacks.


The daily costs will increase to o,4 sc per citizens (older than “minimum age to fight” days and active in the last 48 hours) of attacking kingdoms (allies included).

Example: Kingdom A (B, C) declare war to Kingdom D (E,F). Kingdom A has 50 citizens, Kingdom B 30 and Kingdom C 20.

Costs of war for Kingdom A will be:

1st day: 3.000 sc

2nd day = 0.4*100 = 40 sc

3rd day = 80 sc

4th day = 120 sc

Costs for defenders stays the same (1.000 sc per attack).

The maximum duration for a war is defined to be 21 days. After 21 days, the war will be terminated by the engine.

R02: war declaration checks


It is possible to make the following alliance “chains” A<->B B<->C. In this way C is not allied with A but If A declares a War, C is protected from war declarations even if not participating to any war.

It has been observed that this check lead to the following situation in war SICILY, ROME against SAVOY: ALBANIA is an ALLY to ROME and could not be attacked even if it is not engaged directly in war, because his ALLY ROME is engaged in a war.


The check will be changed so only the allies of the kingdom that declared war will be protected against war declarations. In the above case:

Kingdom of FLANDERS could declare war against kingdom od ALBANIA. As a consequence, that kingdom ROME will be engaged in two wars.



It is possible to make ‘endless’ wars. This has been observed in the war of Kingdom of Sicily against SAVOY.

Sicily and Rome are at war with Savoy. Rome is allied with Albany.

  1. Sicily stops the war;
  2. Sicily become allied with Albany;
  3. Albany declares war;
  • Sicily and Rome are in another war, thus protected.


All the Kingdom that were engaged in a war as attackers have diplomacy changes locked for 48 hours.

In this scenario, Sicily cannot become allied of Albany for 48 hours. Albany can’t become allied to Sicily for 48 hours (sicily won’t be able to accept).


R04: war declaration and hostile status

A cooldown of 48 hours before declaring war will be added from the hostile declaration. Because of this requirement, diplomacy changes will remain locked during war.


R05: battlefield proxy


Citizens of a Kingdom A can travel to a battlefield even if the battlefield is not related to a war where A is engaged. We saw recently citizens of a kingdom that were isolated because adjacent kingdom set Hostile relations but they managed to escape by traveling to a Native Rebellion battlefield and then use it as a bridge to escape isolation.


After some considerations, we think that this should be leaved as it is. The development and the logic to determine if a player can or cannot travel to a battlefield is complex. Also, in a situation where a region is under attack, is reasonable that the controls at the border of the region are not strict and in the chaos people can sneak in.

R06: Joining Factions and Hostile status


Kingdom A (allied with B and C) is at war with Kingdom D (allied with E and F).

A attacks E.

A,B,C may join attackers faction even if their diplomacy status with D,E,F is not hostile.

D,E,F may join defenders faction even if their diplomacy status with A,B,C is not hostile.



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