Some Help for Guglielmo

Guglielmo was very worried about his tarots; up to now no one did return any combination and the 5th March was near. While walking back and forth in his little house, he found a crumpled note that… Continue reading

The Lost Tarots

Medieval Tarots

Guglielmo swore as he had never done before. He had spent the whole day looking for the missing tarot cards that were part of a collection that he had received as a gift long, long, ago from a Nobleman in… Continue reading

Five Roman Emperors

In this article we will shortly introduce five Roman Emperors, rulers of an Empire that lasted for more than 1500 years.  Conditions, means and meanings changed in this long time period and so did its Emperors.… Continue reading

A bad omen

Crash! The heavy leather shoe missed for a fraction of a second the rat, and hit and broke to pieces the precious mirror that had been bought from Venice.

“Damned rat! This mirror was given to me by Genevieve and… Continue reading

An unpleasant awakening

Guglielmo awoke terribly exhausted. Nightmares had haunted him all night: death chased him and threatened to overtake him.

Looking  back, this week had been a total wreck, he never slept well. He was worried but had no valid reason… Continue reading