Accadimenti in Gioco

The Rat Hunt 1317 Event


Lot of rats to kill

Dear players, today subscriptions has been opened for the event The Rat Hunter 1317. Kill a lot of small and large rat to accumulate points and win the jackpot or Amazon vouchers!… Continue reading

1316 Bread Grinding Contest Results

Below you will find the results of the First Edition of the Bread Grinding Contest.

The Winner Kingdom must collect half of the week produced bread in a structure of his choice and communicate the structure id to Guglielmo… Continue reading

Bread Grinding Contest 1316


Baking Bread in Middle Ages

On 17/June/1316 10:00 Server Time a report will be made on all bread crafted in Europe by every Kingdom.

The report will be like this:

Kingdom of England: 982 Bread, 100 active citizens
Kingdom of… Continue reading 

Nekro Revenge

Plague in Rome. Italy

Plague in Rome. Italy

Twas late in the night when a shady messenger entered the palace of Lord Nekro Phoro and handed him a piece of parchment.  Written on this parchment were tidings that the tarot cards he had… Continue reading

The 1316 Winter Bloodshed


Guglielmo – after returning back from his usual visit to the tavern – was incredibly perturbed with the disturbing news he had heard from a traveler who came from afar: the Native rebels had suffered a devastating defeat… Continue reading

Some Help for Guglielmo

Guglielmo was very worried about his tarots; up to now no one did return any combination and the 5th March was near. While walking back and forth in his little house, he found a crumpled note that… Continue reading

The Lost Tarots

Medieval Tarots

Guglielmo swore as he had never done before. He had spent the whole day looking for the missing tarot cards that were part of a collection that he had received as a gift long, long, ago from a Nobleman in… Continue reading

Almanacco 1313 – Dicembre

Documento del 1260 trovato sull' Isola d'Elba

di Berton Berton

Il mistero della regina non morta

Ne’ primi mesi dell’anno il regno portoghese si parò a lutto per l’inattesa dipartita di Freya Varano, per la quale venne insino allestita in tutta fretta una sontuosa cappella mortuaria.… Continue reading