Guglielmo Di Valenza

Plague Bulletin, n. 3

Plague Bulletin

Guglielmo received some detailed news from his informants and swiftly copied them down on a parchment. It seemed that overall the number of infected people were decreasing, but that some kingdoms were still in trouble.

1316 Plague – First Bulletin

Guglielmo was slowly analyzing the few and confused news brought by his informants around Europe about the ongoing Black Plague infection.

There were stories about some faulty potions that were not curing properly the sickness and about people rushing… Continue reading

Tarots are back

Guglielmo received two packages from Giulia Aldobrandeschi and Valkon Gorthauer. He hastily opened them and was relieved to find in them some of their precious tarots, included the rare tarot “The Death”.

He happily started to… Continue reading

The 1316 Winter Bloodshed


Guglielmo – after returning back from his usual visit to the tavern – was incredibly perturbed with the disturbing news he had heard from a traveler who came from afar: the Native rebels had suffered a devastating defeat… Continue reading

Some Help for Guglielmo

Guglielmo was very worried about his tarots; up to now no one did return any combination and the 5th March was near. While walking back and forth in his little house, he found a crumpled note that… Continue reading

The Lost Tarots

Medieval Tarots

Guglielmo swore as he had never done before. He had spent the whole day looking for the missing tarot cards that were part of a collection that he had received as a gift long, long, ago from a Nobleman in… Continue reading

Un sinistro presagio

Il ratto che mi ha morso

Crash! Lo scarpone mancò di netto il ratto e ruppe il prezioso specchio comprato a Venezia.

“Maledetto sorcio! Nooo, lo specchio che Ginevra mi ha regalato… sarà furiosa ora!”

Guglielmo si toccò il braccio dove lo stesso ratto l’ aveva… Continue reading

Un difficile risveglio

Guglielmo si svegliò terribilmente stanco. Era stato perseguitato tutta la notte da un incubo: la morte lo inseguiva e conitnuava a dirgli che era lì appositamente per lui.

Ripensandoci bene, era una settimana intera che non dormiva bene. Era preoccupato,… Continue reading