How to Buy Bitcoins with Cashila

Medieval Europe - Role Play Game

In this article we will see together a step-by-step procedure on how to buy bitcoins with Cashila, a licensed small payment institution.

Cashila is a licensed small payment institution, authorized to execute third-party payments with no initial verfication and an… Continue reading

Medieval Europe Game Release 2.8.8


Medieval Europe - Role Play Game

Dynamo Productions just Released Version 2.8.8 for game: Medieval Europe – Server Classic.

Game Play Simplifications

This release see some simplifications in the game play: the most common actions have been aligned to the new check and consume… Continue reading

Event: The Great Hangover

Teomondo Scrofalo

“La vita è troppo breve per bere vini mediocri.” – Wolfgang Goethe

“I drink to make other people more interesting.” – Ernest Hemingway

Dynamo Productions presents the Event “The Great Hangover”, starting on Wednesday 5th at 09:00 Server Time… Continue reading

Release 2.8.7 Sprint 5

Medieval Europe - Role Play Game

Medieval Religion,Sprint 5 continues  introduces two additional dogma Bonuses and the Tutor Engine, that hopefully will help to increase the retention of newborns. For complete details on the Release click here.

Dogma Bonus: Craft Blessing

This… Continue reading

Release 2.8.7, Sprint 4

Medieval Church

Release notes: click

Dogma Heal Thy Neighbour

In this Sprint, the first Dogma and its related bonuses are introduced. A Church Leader will be able to choose for his Church a Dogma Bonus by using Church Accumulated Faith… Continue reading

1316 Bread Grinding Contest Results

Below you will find the results of the First Edition of the Bread Grinding Contest.

The Winner Kingdom must collect half of the week produced bread in a structure of his choice and communicate the structure id to Guglielmo… Continue reading

Bread Grinding Contest 1316


Baking Bread in Middle Ages

On 17/June/1316 10:00 Server Time a report will be made on all bread crafted in Europe by every Kingdom.

The report will be like this:

Kingdom of England: 982 Bread, 100 active citizens
Kingdom of… Continue reading